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Transgender Voice & Communication Program


At The TalkSpot, we are dedicated to sharing and teaching techniques for developing a healthy voice and modifying language and non-verbal communication skills that will allow our Transgender clients to present themselves the way they wish to be perceived by the world. Programs are developed with sensitivity and respect of each individual’s goals in voice and communication modification, while emphasizing care of the voice.

A Healthy Voice, Plus…

The vocal cords are composed of very delicate tissues, requiring knowledge of optimal use and care while trying to make changes in pitch and intonation patterns. Our techniques provide knowledge and experience to our clients so as to reach their goals without development of a voice disorder while going through transition.

Although many Transgender clients initially make contact with specific requests for changes to the voice and pitch, successful voice and communication changes entail so much more. Non-verbal, grammatical and vocabulary differences in males and females are taught and practiced while clients are also in the process of learning how to modify the voice.

Evaluation and Therapy

We use an acoustical/perceptual evaluation and use both techniques throughout therapy as well. Computer-based biofeedback is initially important in self-monitoring voice changes. As our clients become comfortable with their new voices and communication patterns, therapy will shift to developing a perceptual awareness of voice and speech to allow for carry-over from the voice lab to everyday life. Non-verbal and language differences will be targeted throughout the therapy process and will include therapist feedback as well as making observations in the community to inform our clients’ choices and options in developing a comfortable new communication-style.


In addition to providing this niche service at The TalkSpot, our director, Marion Leaman, MS CCC-SLP, is the clinical supervisor for the Transgender Voice and Communication Program at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT, where she provides instruction to graduate students working with Transgender clients.

Please contact Marion Leaman, MS CCC-SLP at 203-505-5723 or by email to discuss fees and to schedule an appointment.