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Gardening Workshop at the TalkSpot
3 TalkSpot members in our Autumn Gardening Workshop, planting mums for the office.

“I love the intensive instruction and people can understand me better after only one week of therapy. Marion has excellent knowledge and understanding and wants people to succeed.”

— Alice B., Norwalk
Parkinson's Program

“Coming to The TalkSpot is the best decision we have made in my husband's speech recovery following his stroke. Living with aphasia and apraxia, he had given up and would no longer go to therapy. Since beginning his work with Marion, he willingly goes and returns in good spirits and is rejuvenated. He is an educated and proud individual who found a welcoming, respectful and comfortable environment at The TalkSpot. Marion's personality is engaging and warm and she has excellent knowledge and experience working with people with aphasia and their families.”

— Sandra V., Redding
Aphasia Program

“Because my speech had been severely affected by my Parkinson's disease, I sought a speech therapist who was trained in Lee Silverman Voice Therapy. I was lucky to find Marion, who is warm, caring and an expert in her field. Working with her has improved my speech: my family and friends notice the difference. I am grateful to her for my improved speech and for giving me back my self-confidence.”

— Alan S., Bridgeport
Parkinson's/LSVT Program

“Thanks so much for all the help that you provided our mother. Her voice is much stronger now, thanks to those exercises you used and the treatment/instruction that you provided as well as to your enthusiastic attitude and approach!”

— E. H., Stamford
Parkinson's/LSVT Program

“Marion, you are just amazing. Thank you so much for helping me. You understand what it's like to have aphasia like no one else.”

— S. R., Westport
Aphasia Program

“Marion Leaman is an unusually capable and caring person. The first time she met me, she realized that my reduced facial expression from my Parkinson's Disease was interfering with my ability to communicate just as much as my voice issues were. Thanks to Marion, LSVT has not only greatly improved my speech, it has given me back my smile.”

— J. D., New Haven
Parkinson's/LSVT Program

“Marion Leaman exudes boundless energy, patience, and sincerity in her cognitive therapy sessions with my husband. Perhaps more importantly, she relates his therapy to our daily life. It is a common sense approach that we did not experience with his four previous speech therapists during the last two years (he suffers from memory loss due to TBI [traumatic brain injury]). We are lucky to have found her.”

— R. E., Bridgeport

I have had a very good experience working with Marion Leaman; she is a great Speech Language Pathologist. She is professional, very knowledgeable, and has a can-do attitude and willingness to consider any communication related topic, try new things, and dive right in. It is a pleasure to work with her in my transition process.

— K. H., Bloomfield
Transgender Voice and Communication

I think Marion Leaman has a great personality. She is very enthusiastic, caring, understanding and knowledgeable with Aphasia people like me.

— R. R., Meriden
Aphasia Program