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Accent Reduction

A foreign or regional accent can make professional and business interactions challenging at times. The focus may become communication and being understood, rather than the content of the conversation.

At The TalkSpot, we will teach you the pronunciation skills you need so that your colleagues will listen to WHAT you’re saying and not HOW you’re saying it.

The TalkSpot offers a comprehensive, custom-tailored accent reduction program, encompassing speech, language, voice and non-verbal communication skills not found in typical foreign accent programs. Each program is designed with each individual's professional vocabulary, business needs and language-background in mind. Even foreign speakers of English who have a strong command of the English Language may struggle with English communication because no one has ever taught them the American English sound system.

At The TalkSpot our instructors are certified in the internationally-known Compton — Pronouncing English as a Second Language (Compton-PESL) method and provide services to:

  • Foreign-born speakers of English
  • Users of regional English language accents

We individually analyze each individual’s speech sound repertoire and speech patterns through a simple on-line assessment. This allows us to customize a program specifically tailored to your particular needs.

Would you like to find out if this program is right for you? Please take a few moments to complete this Free Screening at no obligation. You will need a computer equipped with a microphone and approximately 10 minutes to complete this screening. You will be redirected to the ComptonPeslOnline website.

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Research has shown that when the program is completed in its entirety, including daily practice, the accent will improve by 50-70% in only 12 weeks.

As a Speech Language Pathologist, Marion possesses a Master's Degree in all aspects of spoken, written and non-verbal communication, as well as the Certificate of Clinical Competence issued by the American Speech Language Hearing Association. Her advanced study of phonetics, voice, vocal and respiratory anatomy, syntax (grammar), semantics (vocabulary), in addition to 20 years of experience delivering programs to individuals and groups on these topics make her uniquely qualified as an instructor for professionals seeking increased proficiency with their English speech and language skills. In addition, Marion possesses a Bachelor's degree in French and has studied Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Latin, making her personally familiar with the effort, frustration and rewards in learning a second language and developing adequate speaking skills in that language.

We provide individual or small group programs to:

  • Corporations wishing programming for employees with accented English
  • Individuals

Programs may be scheduled in our office or at your place of work.

If needed, programs are available in:

  • Basic Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Advanced Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Business English
  • American Culture and Communication

Please contact Marion Leaman, MS CCC-SLP at The TalkSpot, LLC to learn more about fees and scheduling.